June 13th, 2024

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About the Event

AWS Community Day | Midwest is an annual one-day, user-run AWS technical conference that is planned, organized, and delivered by AWS user group community leaders (much like a “Meetup of Meetups”). The goal of the Community Day is to facilitate the exchange of information amongst the AWS user community. The presentations are all given by speakers who are fellow AWS users sharing knowledge with their peers.

This year's event will be the 6th annual Community Day | Midwest and will take place in Columbus, Ohio at Columbus State Community College. It was previously held at Chicago in 2018 and 2019, virtually in 2020, Columbus in 2022, and Chicago 2023.


Keynote Speaker
Keynote Audience
Computer lab session
Keynote Speaker
Keynote Audience
Computer lab session
AWS Usergroup Leaders

AWS Usergroups

The Midwest AWS user groups are run by volunteers. We organize, coordinate and often speak at each event. Community events are free, open to the public and focused on all things AWS. We are not run by AWS, but frequently work with Amazon SAs and account reps.

Midwest UsergrouPS

Aside from the annual Community Days, many usergroups organize sessions on AWS  topics throughtout the year. Find your local usergroup below and get involved!

Keynote Presentation


Darko Mesaroš
Principal Developer Advocate | AWS

Why does everyone keep talking about Generative AI?

In the world of 2024, everyone and their grandma keeps talking about Generative AI. Generative AI this, LLM that, RAG this, Token that... Well, what does this have to do with us builders? How do we get something out of this? Join Darko in this session, as we look at a few ways, Generative AI can help You, how you can build with and ON generative AI, and how to make it even more useful.


Now accepting submissions!

Below are some of the session topics from last year:

  • Disaster Recovery Strategies on AWS
  • AWS Certification FAQ
  • AWS Security Reference Architecture: Visualize your security
  • Build a portable platform with Red Hat OpenShift on AWS
  • First Lambda function using VSCode
  • Modernization of monolithic applications using Amazon VPC Lattice networking
  • AWS Lake Formation: A Complete Guide to Centralized Data Management
  • AWS CDK​ - Beyond the Introduction
  • Local Microservice Development in EKS
  • Enhancing DevOps Practices with Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring
  • Building Enterprise SaaS Applications on AWS.
  • AWS IAM Identity Center (SSO)
  • How Redshift Serverless is Revolutionizing Cloud Data Warehousing
  • Using Jupyter Notebooks to Improve Operational Efficiency


Tickets include event entry, lunch, drinks & coffee all day, and an evening happy hour.



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