June 11th, 2020

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for the first ever
Virtual AWS Community Day | Midwest! 

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Keynote Speaker

Software Engineer and Developer Advocate at AWS

Randall Hunt is a Software Engineer and Developer Advocate at AWS. He currently works with the Amazon Connect team to build solutions for customers launching next generation contact centers. Previously he traveled the world meeting customers, building solutions, and speaking at events. Prior to working at AWS, Randall launched rockets and NASA and SpaceX but he found his programming passion at MongoDB. He is a total space nerd. You can reach Randall anytime on twitter @jrhunt or by email

Sessions & Speakers

Breaking Down that AWS Silo - Bob Lee III

Your Lambda function, your IDE, let's debug live - Wallace Wilhoite

Environments as Cattle - Derek DeJonghe

Getting Certified for Fun and Profit - Andrew May

Building a PaaS for Forensic DNA analysis using AWS - Seth A. Faith

Avoiding data breaches and risk from misconfigurations before it is too late - Eric Wing

Single Table Design with DynamoDB - Nathan Menge

DynamoDB costs analysis - Lyle Seaman

Simple S3 Security - Andrew May

AWS Certifications for Product Managers - Abhay Shah 

Computer Vision for developers - Mena Salwans

AWS Educate for Teacher and Student - Tasha Penwell

Build a dynamic website for less than $1.55/month using S3 and Lambda functions - Marshall Magee

From Zero to Machine Learning in 45 Minutes - Harnoor Minhas

How make your cloud SASE - John Merline

Analytics and Data Visualization pipeline backed by AWS Glue & Athena - Piyali Kamra

Securing AWS with Event Driven Security - Hunter Lynne

Serverless Frenemies: Serverless Containers in Lambda and Fargate - Amy Arambulo Negrette

Network Connectivity Troubleshooting - Ross Stuart

Enhancing Local Serverless Development using AWS SAM and Docker - Val Chapman 



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Thank you for joining us, we had a great time!