Give a talk

As a volunteer-led event, we rely on our fellow AWS user group members to provide educational information for attendees and count on them to not use this speaking opportunity to pitch their products and services. We appreciate your time and passion in preparing for your speaking session!


1. Complimentary ticket to AWS Midwest Community Day

2. Recognition on website and printed materials

3. Exposure to the AWS community as a thought leader

Please note that as a volunteer, non-dues-paying organization we are unable to provide speaker honorariums or expense reimbursement.


1. If chosen, submit your slides and AV requirements by April 19, 2023.

2. Be responsive to any requests for additional information and, if required, a conference call to discuss your proposed talk.

3. If chosen, please do not deviate from your submitted topic.

4. Provide your knowledge to our audience and not include a sales pitch, either overt or veiled.

5. Be in your speaking area not later than 15 minutes before your speech is to begin.

6. Speaker substitutions are highly discouraged. If an emergency arises, please clear your substitute with the event organizers.


1. Each speaking slot is 30 mins for a long-form talk or 10 mins for lightning talks.

2. The AWS user group community is very interactive. For long-form talks, we recommend that you plan on roughly 30 minutes for your actual talk, leaving 15 minutes for Q&A.

3. Should your audience not engage in Q&A, please thank them for their time and release them to their next session.

4. Please do not read directly off of your slides. There is no such thing as being over-prepared!

5. Less slides always make for a more engaging speech. For a 30 minute talk, aim for 1 slide for every 3-5 minutes.

6. Don’t make your slides too cluttered. 24 pt. type and above works well. Try to keep each slide focused on only one point or thought at a time.

7. Have fun!