AWS Datasync to migrate objects from on-prem to s3

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Track 2 – 2024
Presenter: Muthukumaran Ardhanary

Abstract: Are you worried about the hassle and inefficiency of transferring data between on-premises storage and AWS Storage services? Look no further than AWS DataSync! Its secure online service automates and accelerates the process, allowing you to spend less time worrying about data and focusing more on what matters most to your business. With AWS DataSync, we seamlessly migrated billions of objects, petabytes of data and thousands of buckets from our on-premises storage to Amazon S3. The best part? We customized DataSync to meet our specific needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient transfer. Learn our experience on-prem to AWS S3 object migration, planning, covering best practices, tools and technologies, dos and don'ts, and more.

AWS Services: AWS Datasync, S3, Lamda, Athena, SQS and Event Bridge

Audience: Beginner

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