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Track 2 – 2024
Presenter: David Michels

Abstract: In the rapidly evolving landscape of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), automating the training, testing, and deployment of large language models is crucial for efficiency and scalability. This presentation delves into creating Gen AI CI/CD pipelines on with AWS, leveraging AWS SageMaker, AWS Bedrock, and AWS S3 services. We’ll outline the essential components of a CI/CD pipeline, and talk about how pipelining AI (especially LLMs) is different than traditional. From there, we will talk about how AWS SageMaker facilitates the development and training of large language models. AWS Bedrock’s role in establishing a secure, compliant, and scalable foundation for ML workloads is discussed, highlighting its integration with CI/CD processes. Any model training requires data so, we demonstrate how AWS S3, serves as the backbone for storing and retrieving model data and artifacts. By the end of this presentation, attendees will have an foundational understanding of implementing Generative AI CI/CD pipelines utilizing AWS services.

AWS Services: Bedrock, sagemaker, s3

Audience: Advanced

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