Managing EKS Clusters at Scale using Blueprints and Infrastructure as Code

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Track 3 – 2024
Presenter: Julia Furst Morgado

Abstract: We get it – deploying complex and repeatable Kubernetes clusters with all your favorite configurations, add-ons and applications is difficult, time-consuming and error-prone. Luckily, Amazon EKS Blueprints make this process much easier. The blueprints allow DevOps teams to abstract away the challenges of infrastructure deployment through integrated CI/CD pipelines using simple, consistent code. Meanwhile, operations teams benefit from the simplified deployment of secure, optimized "well-architected" clusters. EKS Blueprints consolidate common Kubernetes tools and best practices like scaling, monitoring, security, and Day 2 tools such as backup and DR into a centralized platform. As a result, developers can reliably leverage Kubernetes across diverse teams and environments in their enterprise. For organizations maintaining clusters across multiple cloud accounts and geographies, using Infrastructure as Code with EKS Blueprints is key to automating standardized deployments with just a single line of configuration code.

AWS Services: Amazon EKS, AWS CloudFormation, AWS CDK

Audience: Advanced

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