Leveraging AWS services to streamline compliance

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Track 1 – 2024
Presenter: Steve Seaney (Rego Consulting) & Ganesh Prabhu (AWS)

Abstract: The integration of AWS Well-Architected Tool, cost optimization tool, and Security Hub offers a comprehensive framework for organizations aiming to achieve SOC and ISO compliance. These tools facilitate a systematic evaluation of cloud architectures, enabling the identification and implementation of cost-effective solutions while ensuring that security measures meet industry standards. By incorporating these tools into their compliance review processes, organizations can enhance operational efficiency, uphold stringent compliance standards, mitigate risks, and bolster overall performance. This strategic approach not only aligns with best practices for cloud architecture but also provides a clear pathway for continuous improvement in the ever-evolving landscape of cloud computing.

AWS Services: Well Architected Tool, Control Tower, Security Hub

Audience: Business Focused

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