Monitor All Your Stuff with OpenTelemetry and AWS

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Track 1 – 2024
Presenter: Christopher M. Judd

Abstract: In the vast and complex ecosystem of modern cloud applications, ensuring optimal performance and reliability is paramount. However, monitoring such a diverse array of services and resources can be a daunting task. Enter OpenTelemetry and AWS, a powerful combination that offers comprehensive observability solutions. This talk will explore how OpenTelemetry, with its standardized instrumentation and telemetry data collection, seamlessly integrates with AWS services to provide deep insights into your applications and infrastructure. Join us as we delve into the world of observability, showcasing practical examples and best practices for monitoring all your stuff with OpenTelemetry and AWS.

AWS Services: AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry, ECS, Lambdas, CloudWatch and more...

Audience: Advanced

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