We have HOW many Documents? Architecting Modern Document Processing

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Track 1 – 2024
Presenter: Drake Pocsatko

Abstract: Even now in the digital age, many industries still rely on human readable documents to operate. Having dedicated teams to review and process documents is both time consuming and expensive, and the people doing the work certainly aren’t having any fun. With cloud tools, you can architect a modern document processing solution that is entirely serverless, allowing you to increase document flow and dedicate your team members to more valuable tasks. This talk will discuss why document processing is an important automation target, which types of cloud services enable this architecture, cover a real client use cases to show how impactful intelligent processing can be, and end with a short demo processing a document and retrieving relevant data with an API.

AWS Services: Textract, Comprehend, S3, Lambda, Step functions, SQS, SNS, API Gateway, DynamoDB

Audience: Advanced

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